Our Story

Ever put off an appointment as you thought you would just get better, or you didn’t want the hassle of going to see a GP? Well, one of our parents did, and unfortunately, they suffered as a result. His generic symptoms of tiredness and breathlessness developed which contributed to a lack of exercise and a generally unhealthy way of living. A stubborn refusal to accept something might be wrong, meant nothing changed in his lifestyle. His symptoms got more serious and his health progressively worse, before any action was taken. But it was too late. Sadly, this negative spiral developed into a more serious condition and in time, his passing.

We wondered, would things have been different if he had been forced to see a GP, or could have had an early diagnosis at home? What if he (or his wife) had the opportunity to understand his health better through self-testing, to at least provide an early indication as to whether he was suffering from something more serious? It is no guarantee, but this certainly could have helped.

So, with this in mind, we have decided to make a positive change in the world of personal health. Silex Self-Tests are available for you to take at home and cover a broad range of potentially underlying health conditions. Silex doesn’t have all the answers and doesn’t replace the role of your GP, but our Self-Tests do empower you to better understand your overall health, provide early screening for potential health conditions and start you on a positive health journey. Silex Self-Tests start you on a journey that gets you on the front foot with your health, with regular testing in the comfort of your own home.

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Our Mission

When it comes to your personal health, being on the front foot is absolutely crucial.

Silex’s mission is to make high quality healthcare testing kits affordable and available for as many people as possible. We provide consumers an opportunity to monitor health and wellness outside of a clinic or hospital setting, and to seek medical advice and treatment at the earliest possible opportunity.

Our Vision

With this in mind, we have created a Self-Test range that empowers consumers to take control of their own health. We have developed SILEX, a range of rapid self-tests clinically proven to identify a range of illnesses and specific conditions with the highest accuracy readings that can be administered in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Silex tests provide a swift results of a potential healthcare condition, which can then be followed up with an appointment with a healthcare provider.


Our value is in providing one of the highest quality tests on the UK market.

Silex Self-Tests are tested and certified to the highest of standards on the UK market. All tests hold accreditations validating their high accuracy and ensuring they are eligible for sale on the UK and European market. The manufacturing processes are certified to ISO 9001 and crucially ISO 13485, the ISO standard that governs the manufacture of medical devices. In addition to this, all tests are registered with the MHRA here in the UK and hold full CE certification from accredited notified bodies for InVitro Diagnostic Medical Devices. The devices are governed by the IVDD and more recently the IVDR, which alongside the CE certification from notified bodies and MHRA registration, validates their quality and eligibility for use and sale in the UK and European market.