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Check Your Health

Self-tests with instant results


"Rapid tests are becoming a part of a healthcare diagnostic process, which allows patients and healthcare professionals to get on the front foot with their health, optimise their time and obtain accurate and rapid results in almost any environment." Dr. Matthew Newman NHS Professional


Take a Test

  • Do you have symptoms? Use our symptoms checker to recommend the test most relevant for you.
  • No symptoms? Just select the test you want to check your health for.

Track Your Results

  • Follow our instructions for use on the Test Page and record your results.
  • Save your results to your Health Calendar.

Take Next Steps

  • Based on your result, you will receive medically verified recommended actions.
  • Book follow up GP appointments at your discretion.
  • Build your Health Profile to Stay on Top of Your Health.
  • Receive notifications for follow ups and testing recommendations based on your testing results and Health Profile.

Our Mission

When it comes to your personal health, being on the front foot is absolutely crucial.

Silex’s mission is to make high quality healthcare testing kits affordable and available for as many people as possible. We provide consumers an opportunity to monitor health and wellness outside of a clinic or hospital setting, and to seek medical advice and treatment at the earliest possible opportunity.

Our Tests

Silex Tests cover a wide range of health categories providing a breadth of possibility to satisfy your desire to check your health. Categories include organ health, sexual health, fertility, well-being and drugs. All tests under the Silex umbrella can be self-administered and are available with retailers, both online and in-store.

Click on a test to understand more about the condition(s) that it checks for, as well as how to take the test, record results and take action based on the recommendations of our qualified health professionals, following the result of the test.